Since the dawn of the hammer and progression to the iPhone, tools make our lives easier.

This is a comprehensive list of over 150 (nearly all are free) tools to help you stay focused, be accountable to your goals and help you achieve more. These tools come from my mastermind meetings where every week, members share tools that rock.

Habit Tracking
 – Spreadsheet to check off your daily habits
Habits Forge – start or break a bad habit
Strides App – iPhone app that easily tracks your habit success

Make Life Easy (My Fav)
Go Butler
 – Your SMS butler – text them and he/she gets you what you need!

– Free but nice grammar nazi program
CoSchedule – Headline analyzer
Hemingway App – Rates your writing a readability score and how to improve
Ommwriter –minimalist + creative platform to help you write better
Focus Writer – free your writing of distractions – link to download app in
Slick Write – proofread your writing

Present like a Boss
Haiku Deck – create masterpiece presentation

– Easily speed read any website or book!
– Paste any text into the app to speed read automatically

Mind Tools
 – Music scientifically proven to enhance focus
Focus – (Mac) Eliminate distraction
Self Control – (Mac) free app to avoid distracting websites
Noisli – color and noise background generator
Cold Turkey – free app to distract popular and distracting websites

– no more email communication – team talk in one place
Google Drive – free 15 GB of storage
Amazon S3 – free 5 GB of storage
Dropbox – free 2 GB of storage
Push Bullet – transfer images/files effortlessly between desktop and mobile devices
Evernote – best place to store and search your notes
Google Hangout – easy video conference for 10 people
TypeTalk – share mobile and desktop conversations with your team

Schedule Once 
– best way to manage your schedule with friends, clients, or acquaintances
Appointlet – free software to schedule appointments

Coursera –
Free courses from leading universities
Skillshare – Courses focused on creatives and designers
Khan Academy – Free academic courses
Udemy – free and paid courses on almost anything (business/career focus)
Creative Live – Creative courses live (mostly paid)
How to Podcast – The best free how to podcast tutorial by Pat Flynn
Pocket – browser extension to save blogs/news articles for later
TED – learn ideas worth spreading
FastLane Forums – forum discussing startups and entrepreneurship
Stitcher – user-friendly on-demand podcast app
Academic Earth free courses from top universities
Duolingo – language learning software
Mindsnacks – Grammar and vocab mind games
Operation Money Suck – short essay on avoiding money-sucking distractions (by John Carlton)
Stack Overflow – Q&A site for programmers
The Way to Wealth – Benjamin Franklin tells you exactly how to become wealthy

 – use email to connect with anyone on LinkedIn
Full Contact – use email to connect on all social platforms
Dailies schedule an email anytime (gmail)
Unroll me – unsubscribe yourself from newsletters
EmailHunter – find anyone’s email
Canned Email 
Stripe – online and mobile payments
The Magic Email  – Get that unresponsive person to reply
Sortd for Gmail -sorts email by file size
Inbox by Google
Wise stamp – smart email signatures – 10 monthly email reminder to follow up with clients
FollowupThen –  50 monthly reminders to follow up
Inbox Pause – pause email from coming in to focus on projects
Mailbox – popular email inbox alternative
Gmail Sender Icons – Show sender favicons for Gmail messages

Doodle – schedule a meeting with multiple people
Calendly – Calendar and appointment booking that integrates with Google – personal appointment booking that gives you a personalized webpage

WordPress – Create a free website
Layers – WordPress site builder
Strikingly – free mobile responsive websites

Meetup – local events matching your interests
Eventbrite – host events with a ticket system (Fee is 5.5% of revenue + $1/ticket sold)

Digit – takes away money you waste and saves it
YNAB – gain total control of your money
Wally – control money app
Gum road – sell products with higher conversion, lower fees

Circle Plus – accept credit card payments with your phone
Paypal Here – credit card payments with PayPal

Free Music
Spotify – Music for Everyone
Pandora – Internet Radio – Listen to free music you’ll love

My Fitness Pal – calorie counter app
Dream It Alive – visualize your future with this online Dreamboard
Endomondo – Track your run
Notes from the Universe (– free daily inspirational emails by Mike Dooley
Simplify Supper – meal planning system

Calm – plays calming music and visuals

Entrepreneur on Fire – daily inspiration on entrepreneurship
Build & Launch – Justin Jackson builds and launches a product a week
Starve the Doubts – Overcoming Self-doubt with Jared Easley

Google Analytics – easily analyze your website traffic
Moz  – analyze, manage, and improve your online business presence
Alexa – traffic statistics and comparisons
Google Alerts – receive email updates on specific keywords you set
Help A Reporter Out (HARO) – 3x daily newsletter to connect you with free PR
Marketing Land – Popular blog covering online marketing – forums and seminars for marketing 101

Indiegogo – Crowd fund your idea at no risk
KickStarter – World’s largest crowdfunding platform
Kabbage – fast and flexible lines of credit for small businesses

Communications + Meetings
Skype – effortless calling system
HipChat – instant messaging for small businesses up to 5 people
Google Voice – free voice-over-IP calling service + voicemail
Livestream – broadcast live events to the web
Olark – live chat widget for customers on websites
Viber – free calls and texts with other Viber users
WorldTimeBuddy – converts time zones and schedules meetings
Zoom – connect cloud-based sharing + meetings

Content Creation
CopySpace – ensure one no is copying your content – plagiarism checker
Dafont – unique fonts for your website
MediaWiki – open source platform to build your own wiki
Medium – platform to share your content
Rhymer – free rhyming dictionary


Canva – Amazingly Simple Graphic Design
PicMonkey – easy photo editing with special effect pizzaz
Skitch – free screenshot + editing system for sharing – compress website images for faster loading times
TinyPNG – decrease image file sizes
Logo Garden – create your logo using their massive image archive
Pixlr free image creation tool
Quotiful – add quotes over your images – download link to itunes
Unsplash royalty-free photography

Auphonic – automatically level audio files to enhance the listening experience

Social Media

Buffer – manage multiple social media accounts
Hoot Suite –track and update multiple accounts
Quora – ask questions and find answers for anything
Post Planner – manage Facebook marketing
Social Oomph – boost social media productivity and easy scheduling posts
Click to Tweet – create easily shareable tweets like this
Crowdfire – find (or unfollow) the right people on Twitter
Dribbble – Show and Tell for design – helps bloggers get discovered with the power of “list” articles
Prismatic – RSS feed social platform
SlideShare – create presentations that generates traffic – popover CTA whenever you share links
SMQueue –stop spending so much time on Facebook and Twitter
Social Crawlytics – find out where competitor’s content is shared
Spreecast – video chat software
Tweet Old Post – WordPress plugin that tweets old articles in preset intervals
Who Talking – type any topic and see who’s talking about it




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