How to Make or Break Any Habit – Day 1 – Season 1

Day one is scary. It’s scary to start something new because that inner voice comes out of the dark hole he hides in; he creeps behind you and says, “You’ll fail. Give up while you still can.”


That was me punching the doubting hobbit in the face. Why? Because this experiment is live baby!

Let’s step back to get the 10,000-foot view. So where is Alex at habits-wise before the experiment?

Exercise: NOTHING

Sex: About 2-3x per week

Books: Maybe 1-2 books/month

Keep listening to find out if I completed these habits and what lessons you can apply to your life.


Click here to access the Worksheet to help you Make or Break Any Habit


Show Notes

Music provided by the generous and awesome Odesza

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