How to achieve goals when you keep failing

I set a goal to pay off $4,000 a month of debt with my business profits. And for nearly 3 months, I wasn’t achieving any of my goals.

I struggled with entrepreneur depression for two months.

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t motivate myself to get up and work on my dream.

A friend told me, “Alex, you say you have goals for your business, but you don’t have any consequences for not meeting your goals.”

I was acting like an employee who wasn’t doing his work, but still getting paid. I should have been fired! Would you hire yourself to accomplish your dream?

Drastic action is necessary if you find yourself not meeting your goals after continual effort.

What if Not Accomplishing your Dream had Painful Consequences?

Maybe you haven’t considered this perspective, but it’s true.

If you don’t take action,
The world misses out on your great gift.
Your potential clients lose the opportunity you bring.
Children won’t be inspired to think big.
Make yourself accountable in a painful way.

If you haven’t made progress so far on your big dream, have you considered that you need to try different tactics?

Put yourself accountable towards your goals. After you write your goal down as SMART goals, add accountability.
Join a mastermind.
Hire a coach.
Give $1,000 to charity if you fail to achieve your goal.
Give up something you love if you don’t reach your goal.
Stop watching your favorite show.
Give up your hobby every weekend.
Stop indulging in mindless social media.

Get serious. This is your future. No one will build it for you.

When I tried to limit how much complaining I did through out the day, I found that I wasn’t able to limit it well just by “visualizing” a thankful Alex. I put 25 cents in my “complaining jar” every time I complained.

When I complained about something at my job, it hurt me, financially and mentally. Slowly, I began to complain less and less.

If you don’t pay the consequence for not accomplishing your goal, then you know that you need extra help.

About the Author Alex Barker