Halfway There: What I Should Have Done From the Start – Day 33 – Season 1

I share key lessons from the greatest difficulties of starting my 66 Day Experiment

What I would do differently if I were start this all over

Key lessons from the first part of the 66 Day Experiment

  • ­ Habits are hard to establish
    – my exercise habit has been the most difficult to maintain
    — I feel like I almost convince myself not to do it in the mornings, and then before I know it, I have to get ready and go to work
  • –  have the same trigger every day
    —  a worthwhile reward is needed for this podcast; but a tracking system helps too
  • ­ Fear or the Resistance is POWERFUL
    –  give up daily
  • ­ Tracking is essential
    – use the habit tracker
    — wouldn’t have know how far I’ve come
    —  also would realize that these “habits’ wouldn’t actually stick if I track them
  • ­ Accountability + Feedback is essential
    – find someone or someway to be accountable
  • ­ Do differently
  • ­ Probably would record everything and then release it into a podcast
    –  there’s advantages and disadvantages to this
    — disadvantage ­ lack of feedback before it’s all over
    — advantage ­ focus on promoting the podcast more than recording it every day
  • ­ Procrastination has been more difficult than I thought


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