Connect or Die and Other Secrets of Relationships ­- Day 4 – Season 1

“Alex, if you keep treating this way, you will never have any friends and be lonely for the rest of your life,” my mom yelled.

I was in big trouble with my Mom.

You see, I had a real problem with disrespecting my mom and “adults” when I was in high school. I mean, I probably received a detention every other week. I once told my German teacher, “Screw You.”

I thought I was funny, but my mom hated it.

She continued, “If you want to keep being a jerk now, then you’ll be a jerk when you’re an adult. And no one likes to work when you’re an adult.”

Sadly, I didn’t learn my lesson.

I was told by multiple mentors and advisors that my personal skills suck.

I treated people like they were the village idiots and I was Einstein.

As I entered college, I made the ultimate career mistake: devalue relationships.

Relationships are your most important life tool. They are what bring new opportunities into your career and life.

I devalued other people; and because I did this I was

  • Fired from 2 jobs
  • Declined by multiple new job positions
  • Today’s episode is all about the power of relationships and how to build them.


Show Notes

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