The #1 thing that helped me generate recurring monthly income outside my 9-5 is having a coach.

I floundered for a year and a half trying to figure out how I could make money while still working my full-time job and maintain my family relationships. I missed out on precious time with my loved ones while at the same time not making much money.

I help busy professionals create and grow profitable online businesses that match their unique character and strengths, preferably without losing their family and friends.

Martin Himmel Web Designer

My day job was making dentures and I wanted to make a change in a bad way. Alex gave me the confidence and roadmap I needed to build a business. I left my job and now my family and I live in our dream location, and work as a freelance web designer! 

The difference between wasting two years and thousands of dollars and quickly building a profitable business is a coach. Someone who will mentor you, to guide you. To tell you straight, “that’s an awful idea.” That’s why I’m here.

I typically take on a limited number (5 total at one time) personal clients.

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Nick LoperSide Hustle Nation

Alex taught me how to generate $500/month by looking at my niche and keeping me on track to launch my mastermind.

Melissa Auclair

I don't think strategically about my business or life plan very well. Alex changed my thinking. He helped me to envision the big picture of my business and goals. Then, we broke down what I wanted to do with a specific path. Alex identified the actions holding me back from making progress. With his guidance I mapped out a plan -and specific action steps to fulfill said plan. As a result, I have a solid foundation. I'm finally making significant progress for the first time in ten years of trying to do it on my own. Now it's not a matter of 'if' I make my goals,' but when I make them.

Travis Cross

"Alex Baker provided me with crucial and insightful feedback; his guidance saved my founding board approximately $5,000"

Camilla Kragius 
No More Hamster Wheel

Don't let Alex's age fool you, he knows what he is doing. I started my dream with end goals but along the journey I got sidetracked. 

Alex very quickly assessed my situation and pointed out where I had taken the wrong turn. I'm not back on track and working with Alex made that possible. I highly recommend Alex to anyone that has a dream and legacy to create.