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Magical Results or the Compound Effect? – Season 4, Episode 14


Magical Results or the Compound Effect?
This Challenge Could Change Everything

How can we jumpstart this business forward?


What goals do you have for the future?
What’s stopped you from signing up clients?

What obstacles do you see stopping you?

Show Notes:

Alex is a Girl – Practice Irina’s Pitch – Season 4, Episode 13

Show Notes:

Today, Irina practices her pitch on Alexa (Alex Barker)

Who will benefit the most from your service?

What is stopping you from success in this area?

What is low hanging fruit you can pick up in terms of marketing?

We Can’t Get A Sale! – Season 4, Episode 12

Show Notes:

What do you want to accomplish this week?

How can you grow your Facebook group?

What is your pitch now?

How can you convince a prospect to hire your service?

Are You in the Right Crowd? – Season 4, Episode 11

Show Notes:

Alex Gets Obnoxious and Three Steps Back? – Season 4, Episode 10

Show Notes:

Overcoming Obstacles of a New Business – Season 4, Episode 9

Show Notes: 

Where are you struggling with your business?

What about doing the work are you facing?

What is your workflow like, and how can we improve you?

What can you do starting tomorrow to make your efficiency higher?

How can you make mistakes now and learn as much as possible?

How to Make Customers Love You – Season 4, Episode 8

Show Notes:

How can we build trust with your audience?

How can we get clients now?

How can we use social media to get clients now?

Make the Face Pretty – Season 4, Episode 7

Show Notes:

Our Turning Point – Season 4, Episode 6

Show Notes:

Why was this week a turning point for you?

Why Irina had to struggle to writing?

How Brian drew out Irina’s superpower

What was the biggest obstacle you overcame?

Why Brian and Irina felt like failures and how they overcame that feeling?

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