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How to Fight Entrepreneur’s Funk, Depression


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Give up

“Give up,” my inner-quitter tells me on a daily basis for the last 3 months. “Stop working on your blog, podcast, and business. It’s not worth it.” And lately, these thoughts are winning. I wonder, “How do people defeat these thoughts?” Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press, had decades to consider giving up his search for mass production of the written word. It took Gutenberg ten years just to figure out the metal combination to create the first inking system. He died bankrupt, cheated by his business partners, and never fully saw his dream fulfilled. Today, we gloss over Gutenberg’s impact on the world as we pick up books with irreverence. As I write these words, and I cringe how inelegant they sound, I think of Gutenberg’s hundreds of failed metal alloys for his printing press prototype. As I reread my words and think, “I’m an awful writer. How will people understand me? I should just do something else,” I ponder Gutenberg’s quest for the half-finished printing press as his trusted partners betrayed him. I wonder what drove him to keep testing for the right metal. What belief awoke him every morning to push past giving up? I wonder if somewhere in-between my whining, entertainment binging, and sluggard wake-up routine I lost my purpose. Today you could reflect and make a change. Today, I made the decision write a blog, ignoring my lack of writing finnese, and not caring if no one reads it. But this is more than just a blog post, it’s a decision to make a change. Whatever the small change you wish to make, I urge you to not let the inner-quitter win and decide to make a small step towards progress now. NOTES:  What do you think? Email me at Follow me on Twitter and Periscope: @itsalexbarker Join Our Facebook Community Rate and Review the Show (send me an email and I’ll send you a book of your choice!) Subscribe on iTunes  Join our Newsletter  Music provided by the generous and awesome Odesza 

2016 Goals

2015 was full of pleasant surprises. Who know’s what 2016 will look like?

I do. I see it using my infinite power of goal setting.

Okay, so I’m lying. I have no idea how to see into the future. If I did, I would probably gamble to riches and live on my own island in Fiji.

Goals and daily action over time is the secret sauce behind intentional living.

Grant Cardone teaches a goal-philosophy called the 10X rule. It goes something like this, you must put int 10X the effort to achieve the results you desire. Why? Because we often underestimate the overwhelming amount of work needed to accomplish a goal.

It’s my aim to make 2016 a cra-zee year. Check it out:

Eliminate $100,000 of debt
The debt is broken up into:  

  • $55,000 house mortgage
  • $45,000 college loans


What will allow this debt reduction to become a reality is my pharmacist salary, living well below my means, and my online content/marketing business.


STRETCH GOAL: save emergency fund $30,000

Kickstarter campaigns inspired me to add stretch goals to my life. Essentially, a stretch goal is something to inspire me to push even harder to accomplish.

I’m not 100% certain how I can accomplish this feat. I need to come up with an additional $2,500/month. Time to hustle!


Start new podcast

Yes, you know I already do the 66 Day Experiment, but I’m starting another podcast called Pharmacy Life Radio.


Write self-published book

This has been in the works for a while now, but I’m finally taking action. It’s about the unsexy truth behind overnight success and a roadmap (I wish I had) to start a side-business. The tentative title is “GRIND.”


Tidy up once a week
The Magical Power of Tidying Up is a great and easy read about the POWER of living free of clutter. I found myself scoffing at the idea that I was reading a “girly” book, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This book is about how accumulating things can lead to a life of anxiety, worry, and distractions. My 2015 could have been a more excellent year had I not let myself become distracted.

Speak at five conferences
Speaking in front of a crowd is when I feel most alive.

Give 11% of income away
I believe that giving is essential for growth,
Why 11%? Because it’s more than 10% I gave last year.

Dedicate more time to friends
I have lots of internet friends, but a depressingly small amount of local friends. I lost many close friends after college. Where I live now, there are few people my age, and even less who enjoy the same things I do. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the majority of people enjoy hunting, football, bars; by comparison, I enjoy anime, video games, and reading self-development books.
Every Wednesday night, my best friend from High School and I watch anime together over Skype. It’s a highlight of my week.

Exercise 4 times per week.

Bike to work during Spring/Summer/Fall (or whenever it’s above ~55 degrees)
I am very disappointed in my bodily growth over the last year. I focused too much
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not exercising to have a perfect body. I will be running so I can eat popcorn and ice cream.


Read, pray, meditate every day.


I am so glad I published these goals. Now, let’s see what happens!