2016 Q1 Review

Q1 was crazy, full of ups and downs.

Here’s how I structured this post. I reviewed my accomplishments in light of my 2016 goals (You can see those here). Afterwards, I put in unexpected events. Then, I added mental struggles at the end.

Here’s what I was able to accomplish in Q1 of 2016

Eliminated $40,000 total debt in 3 months (2016 goal: eliminate $100,000)

Paid off $31,000 house debt in 3 months

*May 2016 update* Only $7,000 left on the house, and it will be gone by end of May!

Built New Media Company (2016 goal: launch podcast)

Launched Pharmacy Life Radio (podcast) with ~7,000 total downloads in 66 days

Hired Salesman for media company

Profited $3,000

Write Every Day (2016 goal: publish book)

This practice is something that I grew to love. Years ago, I hated writing with a passion. I thought I sucked at writing. But now, I developed a sincere love for writing. While I’m not great and I struggle communicating my ideas, I grow better with every day.

Tidy up ~once a week (2016 goal: clean office every week)

The practice of tidying up my office created a “clean mind” space. My office used to be cluttered, which only distracted me from accomplishing work. Now, I have a relatively clean office

image1 (1)

Asked to speak at 2 conferences (2016 goal: speak at 5 conferences)

I’ve found this goal is difficult to obtain because I lack the vacation time needed to travel.

Give away 11% of income

This goal is going smoothly. I was giving 10% of my income away and 1% difference is an easy transition.

Dedicate more time to friends

All coaches who read this goal roll their eyes. Okay, this is not a SMART goal. But you’ll be happy to know every Wednesday night I watch anime with my best friend. It feels good to be with him more often.

Exercise 4x/week

FAIL. I lack the time (and drive) to make this a priority. I’ve maxed out my day as I build these businesses. Take a look

4:45 AM – Wake up

4:50 AM – Meditation, Prayer

5:00 AM – Hustle on Business

7:00 AM – Prepare for Work, help Megan (wife) with kids

8:00 AM – Work

5:00 PM – Arrive home and spend time with family

7:00 PM – Girls go to bed

9:30 PM – Go to Bed

Each day of the week after 7PM I have a coaching client or mastermind to facilitate, so that takes time away from my wife, which I hate. But, we both understand that this hustle is only for a season. It will come to an end.

Read, Pray, Meditate every day

I have been able to accomplish nearly every week day. Weekends I fall off from this habit.

Unexpected Events/Accomplishments

Content Marketing Business

Experienced 29% revenue growth

Built team of three employees

Started Coaching Practice

Launched 66 Day Experiment Mastermind group

  • 4 members, each with a specific goal to accomplish in 66 days

Open up late evenings and early mornings for coaching time

Finished Season 3 of 66 Day Experiment

I am excited to launch Season 4 where I will coach someone for 66 days through their own experiment.

I receive so much energy helping others breakthrough their mental barriers. That’s why I started coaching again.

If you’re interested in starting a side-hustle business, or need help with launching a business/website platform, contact me and I can help: Schedule a Quick Chat

Problems in Q2 2016

My content marketing business took a hit in profits. I easily lost 50% of the revenue.

But this won’t stop me.

We have a new system in place that automates our process (so I spend around 1-2 hours a week, rather than 10-15 hours needed) and my team handles the rest.

If I’m honest with you, I struggled with this setback. My business was growing like mad. But as then progressed downward, I realized that I could let this effect me, or I can pick myself up and hustle.

I choose to hustle.

What did you accomplish in Q1 of 2016? What will you accomplish in Q2?

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