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Every American has thought about being in a movie. This life goal has been on my bucket list since childhood, and today I take one step toward my dream.



66 Days of Rejection – Season 2 Begins


-You should face rejection.

-I’m starting this journey of rejection exposure.

How you can join with me

Why seek rejection?

Rejection has stopped you and me from doing great things with our lives.

Rejection stops you from

● pursuing an excellent life
● starting a great company
● pursuing a revolutionary idea that may disrupt the world
● asking out the pretty boy or girl
● asking for a better deal

I want to overcome the power of rejection has over me.

I take any sort of rejection very personal. I grew up being very contentious of other’s opinions of me. I’m so highly tuned that doing this podcast about rejection has made me question myself the day before I start this journey. What will people say about you?

Rejection often comes before great people and projects.

Harry Potter : rejected 12 times.

The Help: rejected 60 times

Carrie by Stephen King: rejected 30 times

These questions I will ask I hope to be questions things I that I wouldn’t accept myself if I was asked them. That way this whole process is believable.

The fear of rejection is actually linked to the same areas in your brain where you release pain neurotransmitters. So when you stub your toe, this area releases neurotransmitters that help relieve pain. When you face rejection, your brain releases those same neurotransmitters.

Interesting right? This is why our evolutionary mind hates rejection.

Join our community to put your challenge, whether it’s starting a habit or doing rejection exposure.


Overcoming Rejection and Raising $200,000 – ­An Interview with Cathryn Lavery

Cathryn Lavery is a part of Best Self Co. and started the Kickstarter Campaign Self Journal: Your Daily Structure for Success.

As of this recording, they’ve raised over $175,000 and have a stretch goal of $200,000.

You’ll learn:

How an architect overcame her fears of becoming an entrepreneur, starting 3 Kickstarter campaigns, and rejection.



How to Stop Your Inner Critic and Pursue Great Ideas Moving Past Failure – Season 1