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How I Cheated on My Habits – Day 62 – Season 1

Today I share how I cheated on my habits, but still remained somewhat faithful.

It’s difficult to remain faithful to your goals. Sexy obstacles like Facebook will distract you. Even as I write this post I distracted myself with the new Deadpool Trailer (P.S. you should check it out)

Identify the obstacle
Create 3 ways around it, even if they’re “long­cuts” rather than shortcuts
Experiment and see what works and what doesn’t!


Stop Chasing Influencers – Day 61 – Season 1


A One Night Stand – Day 60 – Season 1

I couldn’t believe it. Today a stranger asked me to sleep with her.  I share

My response to this first time event in my life
● How my wife responded to the event
Dissect the story and what could have happened.


Fight Fear and Receive Rewards – Day 59 – Season 1


3 Ways to Strengthen Self-Control – Day 56 – Season 1

  • Don’t become Anakin Skywalker ­ – don’t become an absolutist:  trying to get rid of everything. The body will recoil and backlash at you for making such a drastic change
  • Find the ONE Thing ­ look for the one thing that consistently breaks your change, maybe it’s Facebook or ice cream
  • Tag the Tiger ­ identify fear, call it by name, write it down. Fear likes to be unidentifiable. I think of the Blair Witch Project ­ we didn’t know what we really were afraid of, we didn’t see the monster