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Expert Feedback on the Show – Season 1

In this episode I invited a professional radio consultant to offer feedback on my show. Boy, did I sweat!

Feedback is essential for exponential growers. If you have the chance to meet an expert in your field of interest, TAKE IT!


Beat Procrastination using Time Travel + Empathy

Today’s episode is part of a BONUS lesson from my new course Keystone Habit Course


My Wife Reviews Season 1

Back by popular demand, Megan (my wife) is back on the show! I ask Megan difficult questions: this show, how it can improve, and what changes she would like to see in Season 2.


Session – Overview


Simple Habit to Get Past Rejection

Today I discuss a simple habit I used to become a featured speaker in a virtual conference


Season 1: Review and Lessons Learned

Today,  I share the results of season one, lessons learned the hard way, and what’s to come next

Habit’s report:

  • 55 days of push ups (83.3%)
  • 51 days of jumping jacks (77.3%)
  • 55 days of one book a day (83.3%)

Habits that started after day 7:

  • 58 days of writing minimum of 50 words a day (58/59 = 98.3%)
  • 53 days of 1 pull up minimum (53/59 = 89.8%)

Stats on the show:

  • 72,000 downloads (Average of 67 episodes: ~1075 downloads/episode)
  • over 600 joined the inner circle
  • 70 ratings on iTunes

Lessons Learned from 66 Days:

  • Triggers are essential
  • Motivators ­ possibly overrated
  • Accountability is underrated
  • A Guide would have been helpful
  • Need longer lead time

– Next season will be likely a 5x or 6x a week show

I’m making this guide if you’d like to make change in your life

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  • sign up at

Future episodes:

  • Reveal a tactic that opens up doors where I thought shut
  • Also I get feedback from a voice talent consultant


I Want To Die – Day 65 – Season 1