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You Sure You Wanna Do That? – Day 45 – Season 1

Do you feel stuck with making decisions in life?

I struggle with making decisions and questions plague me like:

If I choose this path, will I be stuck doing this longer than I want?
● Should I spend time on this project, or will this distract me from my ultimate goal?
What will be taken away from my life if I decide to pursue this opportunity?

But today you and I chat about how LESS IS MORE. Sometimes we can add more into our lives and that creates LESS to do.


How to Unleash Your Greatest Work Using Flow – Day 44 – Season 1

Do you wish everytime you worked you were less distracted, got more done in less time, felt creativity and accomplished?

Today you and I chat about “flow” (defined as profound mental clarity provided by the state) and how to use it in our everyday lives. ­ how to use our environment to place in a state of ultimate creativity

  • ­ where to place ourselves do to our greatest work
  • who we should surround ourselves that synergizes your work and enhance flow
  • what we can do on a day to day basis to enter flow


The Secret Ingredients to Make Your Idea Spread – Day 43 – Season 1

Special announcement today about Season 2

Today you and I chat about

  • How your ideas can become viral
  • Simple steps to spread your idea
  • A few tactics I learned the hard way that you can implement the easy way

Tweet at me your crazy ideas for Season 2 @itsalexbarker


Screw It, Let’s Do It – Day 42

Why feeding your curiosity is the best way to live a full life.

In this episode, We talk about Richard Branson and dissect lessons from his success to apply to your life. Things like:

● The key quality that has lead to Branson’s success
● How you can copy Branson and expand your life
● But, we also ask, “Should you copy every successful person?”


This Person Saved Me From Failing – Day 41 – Season 1

We all fall down. It’s the people around us that determine how quickly we get back up.

A mentor is essential to your long­term success. In this episode we chat about ­

  • how mentors build into your future, and how it’ll make you squirm if you have the right one
  • ­my personal board of directors and how to find your own ­
  • conversations with my mentors and how they’ve helped me

Need a mentor? First ask yourself:

Are you someone that a mentor would want to talk with? Are you doing something worthy of being mentored on?

If not, then it’s time you found something worth pursuing with your life to be mentored on!


Avoid Failure – Day 40 – Season 1

Failure ­ let’s chat about it.

If you’re human, then you should listen to this episode because you’re going to fail.

We chat about the problems with the common message of “embrace failure” and how we should see failure in our lives.

  • Why embracing failures and wanting more failures is a bad way to live life
  • The one class in high school that you should have paid attention in
  • How to use science to validate your ideas and avoid future failures


The Unexpected Tactic to Connect with Experts – Day 39 – Season 1

Everyone eventually wants the attention of someone with influence.

We’d love the opportunity to tell the President everything he’s doing wrong, or at least we think we would tell him…

We would swoon for the moment to speak with a celebrity, who’s endorsement could easily make our lives so much easier.

A conversation with a multimillionaire could change the direction of our lives

A word of encouragement from an olympic champion could determine our health until we’re in our 70’s

Whenever I’ve met with an expert, life becomes easier. Here’s a few examples from my life when I ask an expert’s advice:


The Uncommon Way to Dare Greatly – Day 38 – Season 1

Today is all about tears for me.

I’m not the sort of dad who cries easily. But time to time I get teary-eyed after watching a great cinema, finding out I deeply hurt someone, or when I realize how beautiful my children are.

I read a book today that made me teary-eyed.


Haters: You Will Have Them + What To Do – Day 37 – Season 1

Today we discuss how your habits will cause Haters to pop up in your life AND how we can deal with them

Today I share:

  • ­ My first real hater that posted hateful comments about me, like how I needed to move out of my parents house and shave, and how I responded
  • Two classy ways to respond to haters that will leave you satisfied (and no anxiety)
  • What Albert Einstein believes about haters : HATERS GONNA HATE
  • How Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs responds to a hater with humbling pictures


Free Tools to Make Life Easy – Day 36 – Season 1

Today I discuss how you must always challenge your assumptions. You know what assumptions do, right? 😉

You’ll learn about this awesome resource I created: Free Tools for Life and Business Hackers