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The Clarifying Question to Motivate Others – Day 55 – Season 1

Rather than telling someone what to do (and have them do it begrudgingly), this question motivates the person to take action
● Use this question whenever you’re faced with a challenge to motivate a co­worker, a spouse, a child, or a client
If used properly, you’ll discover what truly motivates people to take action when using this question


4 Money Habits That Lead to Happiness – Day 54 – Season 1

Money Rules:  Here are 4 habits on money that we live by:

Take It Away
● Give Gifts
Pay Yourself First
● Apply the 2-week Rule


Special Episode with My Wife – Day 53 – Season 1

My wife (Megan) and I chat about

How to encourage a partner who doesn’t support your change
● Am I crazy for pursuing an exhibitionist lifestyle?
My one star review on iTunes and how to deal with haters


Is This Why You Fail to Change? – Day 52 – Season 1

Story of when I was influenced by others
Who are you trying to mimic?
Is it realistic change or impossible and unsatisfying?

Are your goals someone else’s?
What is it that you truly desire?
Focus on ONE thing, others will come from it.

Today’s episode is a rude awakening for me. I hate to share it with you, because it’s embarrassing, but I know that if you apply this lesson, you’ll save yourself time, money, and a lot of heartache.


Ready, FIRE, then Aim – Beating Perfectionism -Day 50 – Season 1

Why it’s better to START now, then later
● How to overcome your fear of starting your CHANGE
Plus I try Periscope for the first time


When Was The Last Time You Did This? – Day 49 – Season 1

Today I share a story from the book The Go-­Getter and lessons that will make or break your ability to form a habit.

  • Discover the difference between the standard you should set for yourself and what’s expected of you
  • The quality that defines the quickly successful and the slowly successful


The Go­-Giver and 5 Laws of Stratospheric Success – Day 48 – Season 1

Today’s episode may tap into your deep-rooted beliefs about life. I chat with Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation about a book that changed how he thought about life and business.

We discuss

How to determine your net worth and increase it
● The secret traits every stratospherically-successful person has
How to apply the principle of giving into your everyday life.


When to Give Up Or Keep Pushing – Day 47 – Season 1

I struggle with giving up my ideas. I feel like a failure if I do.

Today, my wife (Megan) and I discuss the struggles of doing a daily podcast, pushing myself too hard, and the effects on my family. And lastly, I share what you can do to discover if you’re pushing yourself too hard and what to do about it.


What Fills Your Bucket? – Day 46 – Season 1

We talk about what has been my greatest struggle in pursuing this show and my goals. We chat how we can refill our buckets.


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