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What habit do you wish you started 5 years ago? – Day 24 – Season 1

Have you ever thought, “I wish I started this a few years ago”?

Me too.

The old proverb goes, the best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, the 2nd best time is today.

In this episode I share,

● The amazing question that sparked life-­altering habits

● How you should think about which happens to implement in your life

● What habits I wish I started 5­-10 years ago



3 Ways to Easily and Constantly Improve + KAIZEN – Day 23 – Season 1

In this episode, it’s all about the dedication to Kaizen, which essentially means “constant improvement”.  In this episode, we’ll discuss:

● How to copy the dedication of the greatest Sushi chef in the world

● 3 simple steps to ensure that you will never become a dull blade or person

● AND I share my mastermind and their feedback on my podcast


Music provided by the generous and awesome Odesza

Are Your Goals Too Small? – Day 22 – Season 1

Have a question or need help with your life experiment? Shoot me a message at

This episode is a doozy because I share:

  • Why my first year in online business was so disappointing, and how setting my goals higher brought in more revenue in my business
  • How to create your goals the right way
  • How to make goals something that ACTUALLY matter


Music provided by the generous and awesome Odesza



What is your Experiment? – Day 21 – Season 1

Another special guest on the 66 Day Experiment!

My friend Trevor and I talk about his experiment and valuable lessons he has learned along the way


This is my number one goal for you: Start your 66 day experiment by joining the inner circle of life experimenters. I want 3,000 people in the inner circle. You can join it by going to,  grab the tools I’ll send you and tell me about your experiment!


Influence the Choices Made About You – Day 20 – Season 1

In this episode you and I learn about

  • What factors determine how important decisions made about you are made
  • How you can influence people to make positive decisions about you (like dating, job offers, and the service you receive from others)
  • Simple steps to increase your Likeability (in turn, you’ll get more out of life)



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Struggles of Maintaining a Habit and How to Overcome Them – Day 15 – Season 1

Struggle 1: ­ Lack of Consistency

Struggle 2: ­ Finding Time ­

Struggle 3 :­ Distractions

Struggle 4­: Exhaustion



Music provided by the generous and awesome Odesza

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